Specialty Services / Unit:

1. Cardiology Unit:

The Unit is equipped with computerized E.C.G. Machine, Cardiac Monitor-Cum-defibrillator and Ambulatory Blood pressure and Holter recorder, Event recorder.

2. Respiration Unit:

The Unit is facilitated with Oxygen Concentrator, Peak flow meter, Nebulizer, Pulse Oxymeter, Respirator (PIPP)/ On Line Oxygen.

3. Renal Unit:

It is having the facilities of Haemodialysis, Lithotripsy and Peritoneal dialysis.

4. Paediatric Unit:

This Unit is well facilitated with Photo Therapy/ Incubator for neonates and Neonatal Intensive Care unit.

5. Surgical Unit:

Executes under the supervision of Dr. Kamad Dixit, M.S., D.N.B.

6. Endoscopy Unit:

It is under the charge of Dr. Manoj Mishra, M.D. facilities include Lower and upper GIT Endoscopies, sigmodoscopy , colonoscopy, Bronchoscopy.

7. Orthopaedic Unit:

The unit is managed by competent Orthopaedic surgeons with facilities of all sorts of operations under C. Arm.

8. Obstetrician & Gynaecology Unit:

It is managed by competent Gynaecologists with facilities for delivery, M.T.P., Caesarean and all other operations.

9. Operation Theatres:

There are two major and one minor Air-conditioned O.T. equipped with C. Arm image identisifier.

10. Pathology Unit:

Laboratory is equipped with automatic analyzer for all the routine examination Biochemical test of blood and urine.

11. Facility of Govt. Recognized and ISO 9001:2000 certified Blood Bank.

12. IMA recognized Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT).

13. Facility of Dawn’s Diploma in Gynaecology & Paediatrics (DGO).